Finland’s favourite foods

We help professional kitchens create Finland's most beloved dishes

Our wide product range combines Snellman’s 100% Finnish meats, Kokkikartano’s ready meals, Mr. Panini’s delicious products, IceCool’s high-quality fish, vegetables, berries and Soos mayonnaises. Explore our brands!

Snellman’s 100% Finnish meat comes from Finnish family farms. In addition to ethical and safe production, we invest in the premium quality and clean cutting of our products. We even cut our beef tenderloin steaks by hand, because that makes them the best they can be. → Browse products (in Finnish)
Kokkikartano makes food that is as good as homemade. Kokkikartano uses the best possible raw materials, sourced as locally as possible. This means Finland whenever possible. And no extra additives are added to Kokkikartano foods. → Browse products (in Finnish)
A high-quality dish requires an equally refined finishing touch. That's where Soos comes in. Mayonnaises crafted for professional kitchens are manufactured in our own factory in Finland. We excel in sauces. We make them with passion and expertise, using free-range chicken eggs and carefully selected ingredients. The result is a top-notch, delicious mayonnaise with a pure and distinct flavor suitable for Finnish tables. → Browse products (in Finnish)
IceCool offers a range of high-quality frozen products for professional kitchens: MSC-certified fish, vegetables, fruits and berries. Their product quality and safety are in a class of their own. → Browse products (in Finnish)
The delicious panini breads from Mr. Panini are crafted and cooked in the panini kitchen of Pori using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The bread comes from the local bakery just a few kilometers away, the meat is 100% domestic, and the same goes for the chicken. The tasty mayonnaise is made from scratch in-house from beginning to end. → Browse products (in Finnish)
In the PRO product range, you'll find high-quality and tasty food solutions tailored for professional kitchens. Our selection includes meat products and ready-made meals. We always use 100% Finnish meat, milk, and cream in our dishes. The products are manufactured in Finland and developed in collaboration with our customers. → Browse products (in Finnish)