About us

We do things carefully and properly. We are a true pro – Snellman Pro.

Our ingredients and foods make your meals memorable. Our daily work is guided by sustainable development, responsibility and genuine values. We believe that collaboration brings the best results. That’s why we develop our products with our customers.

Secrets of success

Strong principles

At Snellman, everything has been done with great care and ambition from the very beginning. When Kurt and Lars Snellman started their business in 1951, they had a vision of a company offering the world’s best foods and ingredients.

Over the years, the small family business has created new brands and grown into a large group of companies. Its operations continue to be guided by strong principles and continuous quality improvement.

Genuine collaboration

The best food is prepared with great care and attention. We are here for you for every step of the way. Snellman Pro offers the most popular foods, ingredients and solutions in Finland. Whatever you need, we have it – or we’ll create it with you.

We focus on your success. When you are thriving, we are thriving. That’s what partnership is about. Genuine collaboration. Coaching and sharing. Evolving cooperation that adjusts to your needs and situation.

Expertise and responsibility

We have broad and varied experience – we have seen and learned a lot. We love to share this expertise, because we want to be your first choice. This calls for trust, which is created when things are done properly and honestly.

We also take responsibility: we keep our word and promises. We make sure that our products meet your needs in terms of quality, sustainability and social responsibility. You can focus on what is essential: delicious food.

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